In the unlikely event that there is a fault with your Alfa that
prevents it from working properly; we as manufacturers of the Alfa
will be happy to repair you product at our service facility in Ireland.

This service is offered on condition that the Alfa has been used
within the guidelines and instructions provided and is valid only
within the time-frame stipulated in the terms and conditions of the

The time it takes for your unit to arrive with us depends largely on
where it is posted from and the shipping method used.
Once we have received your unit at our service facility the turnaround
for repairs is approximately 2/3 days with another 6/9 days for return
postage by first class mail free of charge.

If you prefer, we can return your repaired unit by tracked mail,
there is a fee of $15.00 for this service which we will request
by e-mail through PayPal.



As an alternative to repairing your unit we can offer you a substantial discount off a new Alfa which is currently priced at $129.00 inc shipping for $89.00 shipping (this is a non refundable limited offer).

In order to avail of this offer you must provide us with the serial number of your Alfa (this can be found on the outside of your Alfa carton or etched on the inside of the Alfa’s oven door).

We will also require your shipping details and e-mail address, there is no requirement to return your faulty Alfa.

We shall request payment by e-mail to our PayPal account and on receipt of funds your new Alfa will be shipped.

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